Trail Walking Tips & What To Pack

With a few days until the launch of the Trail Challenge for Parkerville Children and Youth Care 2018 we have prepared some tips for you to make your trail walking experience easy and enjoyable. 

What to pack

·      Navigation: every trail walk that is part of Trail Challenge for Parkerville Children and Youth Care has been tried and tested by Trails WA. You will find a detailed map of each trail on their website. Make sure to check to map and keep it with you throughout the walk. 

·      Sun protection: remember to slip, slop, slap before heading out on a trail. Apply sunscreen; wear sunglasses, a hat and long sleeved shirt to prevent getting sunburnt

·      Extra clothing: check the weather before embarking on your trail. Be prepared for your clothes to get wet from either sweat or rain. Wear light breathable clothing and dress in layers that you can add or shed as needed.

·      Snacks: carry small snacks to keep your energy levels up throughout your walk. Or bring a picnic to have during a break and take in the scenery.

·      Water: the MOST important item to bring with you on a walk. You should always carry a bottle of water with you. It is recommended to take 1 litre per 10km, or think about investing in a hydration pack for those longer trails.

·      First aid kit: always some pack some first aid supplies, whether its some extra Band-Aids on a short trail or a first-aid pack on a longer trek.

Tips for Walking

·      Start small: the trails that have been selected for Trail Challenge for Parkerville Children and Youth Care vary from 2 – 18km. Start on the smaller trails to practice and build your way up to a trail that will take half a day to complete. 

·      Familiarise yourself: once you have selected the trail you wish to walk look up the trail on the Trails WA website to see a detailed map to follow as you complete the trail. 

·      Check the weather: leading up to your walk check the weather. This will indicate what to pack and how to dress. If the weather forecast is for terrible weather it will also give you the chance to re-schedule, which is a great aspect of the unique way Trail Challenge for Parkerville Children and Youth Care has been organised.

·      Tell someone: it is important to tell someone not on the walk where you will be and an approximate time of when you will be home. This is just incase you get lost during your trek and services will know where to find you.

·      Wear the right shoes and socks: make sure that when walking a trail your footwear is appropriate, such as a good pair of hiking shoes/boots or running shoes. Pair these with good quality socks and strapped feet to prevent blisters. Never wear your shoes for the first time whilst doing a trek.

·      Dress appropriately: with the cooler months approaching its important to wear the correct clothing during a walk. Always dress in layers that are easy to shed or add as you heat up/cool down. If it’s going to be cold and windy, pack an extra warm layer that will keep you warm and block out the wind. 

·      Pack light: no one wants to be dragging a heavy backpack around on a trail. Pack just what you need for your walk. If it’s still too heavy, spread your gear across multiple backpacks so your group can each carry a lighter load.

·      Pace yourself: Trail Challenge for Parkerville Children and Youth Care isn’t a race, it’s about walking and building relationships, or having a chat as you do so. If someone in your group is a little bit slower in their pace, make them lead and walk at the same speed as them.

·      Leave no trace: we’ve all heard the saying “leave only footprints and take only memories”. Trails will only stay beautiful if we take care of them. And of course take a couple of photos and post them on social media using the hashtag #trailsforparkerville

·      Walk in a group: the aim of Trail Challenge for Parkerville Children and Youth Care is to walk with friends, family or colleagues and deepen relationships, or have a good chat as you walk. You will also get to share the memories of your walk with others, guide each other and if something goes wrong you have someone to help you out. 

Following these tips will ensure that your the Trail Challenge for Parkerville Children and Youth Care experience is fun and you can focus on the enjoyable things, such as chatting to a friend or taking in the beautiful scenery. If you haven’t registered for the Trail Challenge for Parkerville Children and Youth Care 2018 you can do so by clicking the button below.